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SPSS Statistics


SPSS Statistics offers advanced statistical capabilities and analytics to help you gain deep, accurate insights from your data and drive better decision making.


MacOS and Windows (Amos is Windows only)


Annual renewal - expires on July 1

License Agreement Required

Download here (If purchasing AMOS, please write AMOS on the license agreement.)

Products Included

  • IBM SPSS Regression
  • IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics
  • IBM SPSS Exact Tests
  • IBM SPSS Categories
  • IBM SPSS Missing Values
  • IBM SPSS Conjoint
  • IBM SPSS Custom Tables
  • IBM SPSS Complex Samples
  • IBM SPSS Decision Trees
  • IBM SPSS Data Preparation
  • IBM SPSS Forecasting
  • IBM SPSS Neural Networks
  • IBM SPSS Direct Marketing
  • IBM SPSS Bootstrapping
  • IBM SPSS SamplePower
  • IBM SPSS Visualization (Viz) Designer

SPSS Teaching and Research Restriction

This software can only be used for purposes of classroom instruction, coursework, and non-commercial research.

Product Availablity

Each install requires an individual code.  As long as your license is current, all upgrades are included.

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