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Spring 2022 Software Purchase Process

  • Major specific software will be automatically billed to incoming students the week before Spring classes begin and students will receive an email when billing is complete with information on how to access their software.
    Students do NOT need to place an order for, or come to our office to purchase, major specific software.
  • Students who need to purchase software that is not included with their major specific software can do so either in person by coming to our office at 3240 Torgersen Hall (open Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm), or by placing an online order by following the instructions at
  • Students, faculty, and staff can submit any questions or requests for support at or by email at

Software Information for Incoming Undergraduates

The Incoming Undergraduate Software Information page provides a quick reference for incoming undergraduate students on their software requirements, how to obtain their software, and frequently asked questions about software.

Student Resources:

  • The Student Software list is a comprehensive list of available software for use by Virginia Tech students.
  • The Student Software Bundles page has information on the Undergraduate Software Bundle and major-specific bundles.
  • The Student Required Products page contains a listing of the software that you are required to buy as well as software that you've previously purchased and software that you are eligible to purchase.
  • The Network Software Server provides a listing of software purchases by individual student as well as software currently available for download by students.

Software Service Center

Our office is located in room 3240 in Torgersen Hall at 620 Drillfield Dr. Blacksburg, VA 24061.


Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Student Software


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