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Cobblestone is the Information Technology Procurement & Licensing Solutions’ Contract Management System (CMS) that includes a publicly searchable website of IT Software License Agreements and other contracts entered into for Virginia Tech by ITPALS.

This Contract Management System is a work in progress. New contracts and attachments are being added daily. Thank you for your patience while we continue updating and adding to Cobblestone.

Features and Benefits:

Cobblestone features a search by keyword. This type of search can be helpful in locating agreements already vetted within various software categories. Searching by keyword allows users to enter a word or words likely to appear in the contract title, contractor name or description of the software/services. For example, entering the word “schedule” and clicking on the “search records” button will populate a results page with all contracts with that contain “schedule” in the keywords, or appearing in the contract title or contractor name. Please note, this is a work in progress, with ongoing adjustments and updates made as required to provide the best results.

Please note that use of the following software requires your acceptance of the attached business review. The business review provides the requesting department with an opportunity to review the highlighted areas in the vendor’s agreement that the end-user needs to be made aware of and acknowledge and that Legal approval to proceed is conditional on issuance of a purchase order and no required signature.

How much does it cost?

Use of the Cobblestone public portal is free.

What can I see?

After searching for a record, by clicking on “view” all reviews and approvals associated with a particular software will be attached to the record and located in the Attachments/Files. For example, if this is a hosted solution and a review was performed, the supporting approvals will be attached. In some instances, an attachment may not be visible i.e. certain legal correspondence or security reports which have been flagged as confidential.

FAQs and additional information/documentation:

  • How to best narrow your search? 


  • For Student software:

If you are interested in purchasing student software which is sold and distributed through the Software Service Center please use the following link -

  • For Departmental software:

If you are interested in purchasing departmental software which is sold and distributed through the Software Service Center please use the following link -

  • For Social Media Needs: 

Social Media is governed by Social Media Policy No 1030 If you have questions, please contact the University Relations policy author Susan Gill at or 540-231-0946.

  • I found my software. Now What?

See comments for specific instructions related to purchase of this software. Contact the vendor or reseller to obtain a quote. A quote is necessary for a purchase order to be issued. When obtaining your quote, be sure to state you are from Virginia Tech. If we have a signed or negotiated agreement, make sure the vendor references that agreement on the quote.

  • For Software not listed in Cobblestone or found on the above links:

If the software you are looking for is not found. You can submit this into our portal by following the link below.

This is the repository for all new software license review requests. When you click on the link you will see a summary for the review process and a button at the bottom to login. Once you are logged in the form will open and you can complete for the software review requested. Please be sure to provide as much information as possible in your responses and attach any documents you may have associated with this procurement (EULA, quotes, SOW, Terms and Conditions etc.) so IT Procurement will have everything we need to process your request. Based on the responses you provide, there are associated approval flows which will route your request electronically as needed.

Where do I get help?

We are happy to assist if you have any questions please contact us at or by calling 1-7878.