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SimpleHelp is server software that provides remote support and remote access functionality allowing you to support your customers and manage remote machines regardless of their operating system. SimpleHelp acts as a bridge to connect you and your customer, allowing you to control and support their computer. Any department that has an internal IT support staff could benefit from using SimpleHelp.

There is no software to install. ITA is hosting SimpleHelp on one of our servers and the service is completely web-based. You can integrate SimpleHelp into your own website through a dedicated page or through the CMS, for example. When your technicians or customers visit that page with their usual browser they will see the SimpleHelp client embedded, ready to join them into a queue (in the case of customers) or ready to log them on and start helping people (in the case of technicians).

Usage Instructions

Simple Help Setup and Usage Guide


Linux, MacOS and Windows


Annual License Renewed June 30th

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