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                ITPALS is offering a new Concierge Assistance. This is a personalized service for end users that offers assistance with the software review process to include:
                   ·       research to identify an already approved software that has similar functionality to the requested software
                   ·       finding the most efficient review pathway for the software and specific use case
                   ·       assisting in completion of the Software License Agreement Review request form in ServiceNow
                If you have any questions about this service, please email for assistance.

Software Service Center

*Due to damage caused by inclement weather, the Software Service Center office at 3240 Torgersen Hall will be closed until further notice.  Student Software and Departmental Software representatives will be available during normal business hours (M - F, 8 am - 5 pm) when the University reopens on January 3 at the contacts below:

  • Student Software
    • Phone: 540-231-3969
    • Email:
    • Web:
  • Departmental Software
    • Phone: 540-231-4736
    • Email:
    • Web:

The Software Service Center provides technology and solutions for faculty, staff, and students, while adapting to the changing needs of our customers and the growth of information technology.

IT Procurement

Through research, education, and collaboration IT Procurement will respond swiftly to changes and advancements in technology to help define current and future technological capabilities for the university; deriving our success through fast, flexible, and personalized service to our faculty, staff, and students.

We are excited to share a new tool that allows departments to easily search for Swam Vendors via a Supply Opportunity Program.

Software Licensing Administration

Software Licensing Administration provides research and guidance for the procurement and deployment of software and software services. Our goal is to assist faculty, staff, and students with obtaining the necessary IT solutions to help them adapt to the rapid changes in information technology while also achieving the most cost-effective approach. Our group strives to simplify the effort of managing software licensing while using processes that facilitate the highest level of compliance.

Student Software

For student software specific information or details on how to purchase, please see the Student Software page.

The Network Software Server provides a listing of software purchases by individual student as well as software currently available for download by students.

Departmental Software

For more detailed information regarding ordering departmental software, please visit the Departmental Software page.

If you are interested in a software product that is not listed, please contact Software Consulting Services.

IT Procurement

Software subscriptions should not be processed as Direct Pays.  In accordance with University Policy 3220, Direct Payment Procedures 3.E.5., subscriptions include books, pre-printed materials, reprints, publishers page changes, book subscriptions, book subventions, subscription mailing list (printed or electronic), pre-recorded audio and video cassettes, conference proceedings, slide presentations, tapes, CDs and diskettes, when available only from the publisher or producer.  This policy does not apply to software license subscriptions, and such purchases should not be processed via direct pay.

The university PCard should not be used to purchase software or software subscriptions.  In accordance with University Policy 3015, Contract Signature Policy and Procedures 3.6, IT Procurement reviews, obtains Legal Counsel review, and signs all contracts—whether or not money is involved—for computer hardware, software, testing, and maintenance.  A guide for submitting software review requests can be found here.

Software should not be purchased with a personal credit card and reimbursed with university funds.  Please see the FAQ for details.

What accounts should I use for purchasing software? Please see the FAQ for a list of possible account codes.


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