Product: ESRI ArcGIS Desktop Education Edition
Description: ArcGIS for Desktop software enables you to discover patterns, relationships, and trends in your data that are not readily apparent in databases, spreadsheets, or statistical packages. Beyond displaying your data as points on a map, ArcGIS Desktop allows you to manage and integrate your data, perform advanced analysis, model and automate operational processes, and display your results on professional-quality maps.
Version/Platform: 10.x - Windows
Eligibility: Student
Licensing: Annual renewal
Price: Retrieving Price ...

ArcGIS includes the following extensions:

ArcGIS 3d Analyst ArcGIS Schematics
ArcGIS Data Interoperability ArcGIS Spatial Analyst
ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst ArcGIS Tracking Analyst
ArcGIS Network Analyst ArcGIS Publisher